Our Vision

Our mission at Rane Clothing is to design and provide high quality apparel and media rich content that applauds expression and informs audiences. With the right music, you feel alive inside and with the right clothing, you feel real on the outside. Rane Clothing is set to not only to support the voice of music and engagement of extreme sports, but to Reassure that we will deliver on the fundamentals of the personal growth and enrichment with a real Affect , to Notice and support current and upcoming artists and athletes, and to Engage the future.

Our mission is centralized around the goal of making a positive impact on people and the places where they live, work, and play. This belief is embedded within the values that govern our strategies, operations, design, and investments with the return of having the ability to reassure, affect, notice, and engage others.

The approach for apparel design and production at Rane Clothing follows a simple cyclical process, 1. Work with artists, bands, and fans throughout the design process to try new ideas 2. Apply ecologically-friendly production processes and 3. Distribute merchandise, observe, listen, and keep moving forward. All Rane Clothing tee shirts are pre-shrunk, 3.5 to 5.5 oz, 50/50 jersey knit blend and are poly rich that give a light comfortable feeling and have tapered, DryBlend technology to delivers moisture-wicking properties, slim-fitted, tubular cut to reduce the restrictions of heavy and baggy clothing. To alleviate the issues of bothersome tags, we have worked with our supplier to give you shirt with easy tear away tags. We support ecological approaches to printing and use only eco-friendly ink and processes.


Our vision is of community engagement centralizes around building awareness of the upcoming talent. In addition to media spotlights and social coverage, we provide artist and athlete sponsorship with flexibility to allow individuals and groups to grow within the industry and boost their careers.


In partnership with our friends across different industries, we seek to share experiences through online news, interviews, reviews, videos, social networks, rss feeds, a phone application, and a radio show. Additionally, falling back to our roots we have and continue to sponsor and endorse bands, athletes, shows, events, and tours.